Request Compostables

Thank you for taking sustainable action through your campus organization! SSB advisors will reach out to you post-submission about picking up your compostable materials. Please consider when you would like to pick up your compostable materials; they are located in the SU Office in the DUC.

Fill out this form to order compostable silverware, bowls, plates, and cups.

We offer:

  • Cups (hot and cold)
  • Bags
  • Plates (6 in. or 9 in.)
  • Bowls
  • Forks
  • Spoons
  • Knives
  • Napkins


There are three options for waste disposal at your event. Regardless of what you order, please indicate your request on the compost form above.

  • Waste Station. These come with a tent and landfill, composting, and recycling totes (65-gallon) and tubs (smaller bins to be placed on the table). You may hire workers for WFF to manage the tent, or ask for volunteers from your student organization. Waste Stations are reserved for large events with over 400 attendees. To order a waste station and learn more about pricing, click here.
  • Compost Tote. You can request up to 4 totes for your event. Each tote is 65-gallons, and one tote is suitable for an event with 100 people or more. To learn more about a waste tote, click here.
  • Wire Frame. This is a small structure to hold one compost trash bag and is free. We recommend the wire frame for events less than 100 people. If you would like a wire frame, specify this in the compost form above.


for an Event with Under 400 People

 1 week in advance of when you want to pick up your materials.

for an Event with Over 400 People

2-3 weeks in advance of when you want to pick up your materials.