Our Exec Board

President – Emma Waltman

Emma Waltman is a senior majoring in Biology: Ecology and Evolution and minoring in Art. She is also a Climate Associate with the Washington University Climate Change Program. In her free time, she enjoys going to the movies, watering her plants, and sketching.

Treasurer – Gillian Laming 

Gillian is a sophomore from Richmond, VA studying computer science and systems engineering. On campus, Gillian is a part of the WUSA league in the Park Residential College. In her free time, she enjoys swimming and traveling, especially to China.

VP of Project Advising – Ethan Sauerberg

Ethan Sauerberg is a first-year computer science major from the Bay Area. On campus, he is also a member of the Renewable Energy Student Engagement Team. His favorite pastimes include running and playing basketball.

VP of Public Relations – Claire Irawan

Claire is a sophomore from the Los Angeles Area studying Psychological & Brain Sciences and Marketing. She also participates in Sharing With a Purpose, a student-owned nonprofit on campus. Claire enjoys listening to music, watching stand-up comedy and can be found outside attempting to hammock in her free time.