SSB is an environmental consulting resource for the WashU community that is an entity of SU and serves two primary purposes:

  1. To “event green”: SSB provides materials to make campus events as close to zero-waste as possible. We work on events that ranging in size from Thurtene and WILD to Shabbat dinners and club meetings. We offer free compostable plates and cutlery as well as sustainable resources for student groups, such as Green Dining Alliance-approved restaurants in St. Louis.
  2. Allocate funding to sustainable projects on campus: Members of the WashU community may submit a proposal and budget, and SSB will vote on the decision to help, support and advise accepted projects. Examples of projects include distributing more efficient lightbulbs to save energy, subsidizing recyclable or compostable cups, recycling typically “non-recyclable” materials such as soft plastics, and the compost program for residential colleges and off campus housing.

We meet every Tuesdays at 7PM in Seigle 103! Come join!