Our Exec Board

President – Yash Singh (he/him)

Yash is a sophomore from Cincinnati, Ohio majoring in Chemical Engineering and minoring in Computer Science and Energy. He is also involved in Engineers without Borders! Yash enjoys playing tennis and running through Forest Park. His favorite organism is the Brain Mushroom. This is him smiling at Red River Gorge in Kentucky (yee haw!)

Treasurer – Sammi Fremont (she/her)

Sammi is a sophomore from Cleveland, Ohio majoring in Environmental Analysis and Global Cultural Studies. She loves being outside, hiking, crocheting and watching TV. She is also involved in Hillel Social Justice & Terra environmental magazine. She loves a good whale shark.

VP of Project Advising – Angela Yokley (she/her)

Angela is a sophomore from Houston, Texas majoring in Environmental Analysis with a minor in Environmental, Earth and Planetary Sciences. She loves to lace up her boots to hike and hanging out with her bestest of buds. She is also involved in WashU Greening Ambassadors (WUGA) and Tyson Conservation Corps. Her favorite animal is a stingray. Ouch!

VP of Public Relations – Harper Hoover (she/her)

Harper is a sophomore from Waco, Texas majoring in Political Science and Environmental Analysis. She loves all things hiking, nature, music, writing and reading (plus a lot of watching Survivor.) Her favorite wild animal is an armadillo. This is her riding a horse in Big Bend National Park!