Greenware: What is It?

The Greenware program is a reusable dishware rental/loan (whichever you prefer) program. Our goal is to reduce the single-use disposable dishware that enters our waste stream. Our mission is to make it easy and accessible for you to join us in this endeavor. This program is free for all WashU faculty, staff, and students; there is no charge for renting the dishes, with the exception of damaged or missing inventory or late returns*. By checking out Greenware, we help you save time and money from going out to purchase dishware. And together, we can help WashU reduce the waste we produce.

Check out more information about Greenware here today!


1. Place an order through our online order form here (link the word “here”)

2. After you submit your order, we will arrange pick up and drop off time and location with you

3. Pick up your order

4. Use the Greenware.    

5. Return them at your designated drop off location.


Every order will also come with a compost disposal option for food and paper products. We have a few options that vary based on the size of the event:

  • 1 gallon compost bin (recommended for events under 30 with minimal plate waste and other compostables anticipated)
  • 5 gallon compost bin (recommended for events with 30-60 people with moderate plate waste and other compostables anticipated)
  • 1-2 compost bags (recommended for events with moderate plate waste and bulky compostable items, like pizza boxes)
  • 1 compost rolling tote (recommended for events of 75 or more, large amounts of plate waste, bulky compostables, an/or additional compost capacity anticipated from caterer leftovers. Tote will be delivered to and removed from event site. Additional fees apply; event organizer must request totes here.