Past Projects


Greenware is a free reusable dishware loan program, started by Jenny Fang. This program, executed through the Office of Sustainability and their waste team. The mission is to offer an easy and accessible system for anyone in the WashU community to help with reducing WashU waste. It’s as easy as that: Order, Use, Return!

Skip the Straw

Single-use straws wreak havoc on ecosystems and will stick around on earth for hundreds of years, never truly decomposing. Student Sustainability Board funded a project to equip over 100 students with reusable metal straws, in a campaign so successful it is likely making a comeback in the near future!

Displaced: An Art Installation for Climate Justice

Through an art installation and programming, the Student Sustainability Board helped individual students bring international injustices caused by climate change to the attention of the student body.

Residential College Composting

In an effort to expand composting in the residential colleges on the South 40, the Student Sustainability Board funded a compost pilot in Dardick Hall. Our collaboration with Washington University Green Ambassadors (WUGA) has allowed for compost bins to be located within rooms that have opted into the pilot program. They can then take out their waste to the trash room, just like recyclables and landfill, where custodial service takes out the compost to the large bins. To get a compost bin in your dorm room, fill out this form. If you live outside the 40, but want to explore other opportunities for home/dorm composting, check out this form for a pilot off-campus composting program.

Hillel Composting

The Student Sustainability Board was able to help Hillel become equipped with composting. After working a deal with Total Organics (previously St. Louis Composting), compostables and organics can be disposed of and picked up by Total Organics in an onsite dumpster. In addition, SSB provided Hillel with a semester’s worth of compostable materials to make future Shabbat dinners zero waste.

WUSM Light Bulb Program

The WashU School of Medicine proposed having a lightbulb exchange, where the Student Sustainability Board funded LED light bulbs to give to students to swap out their old incandescent light bulbs.